Televideo at MIPCOM 2014

MIPCOM is one of the world’s most important audiovisual events. This year it took place in Cannes, France, and Televideo was there showing to broadcasters and production companies from all over the planet the highlights of its audiovisual portfolio. Francisco Muñoz and Margarita Rodríguez, chairman and general manager respectively, attended to represent the enterprise. Here some images.

Love and Friendship 2014

empleados televideo amor y amistad

Last September 19th 2014, at Televideo headquarters took place the celebration of Love and Friendship Day, a festivity pretty similar to Valentine’s Day, with the whole company’s human talent. The activity started with a brief game in which the employees were part of a ship’s crew that was sinking and they had to form groups of different quantity of people to survive.

Most of them higlight the great kindness and
family sensation which generates among everybody
at the company, allowing in that way getting the
best for national and international audiences.

Next, they proceeded to set up groups of five people and each person had to tell his or her experience of working for the company and the best of Televideo, by means of a radio programme simulation. Most of them highlight the great kindness and family sensation which generates among everybody at the company, allowing in that way getting the best for national and international audiences.


Creativity, laughs and nostalgia made part of this experience, which finished with a snack and a motivational video that helped to break the work routine and generate a funny active pause to make happy to each employee.